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Springfield Siding Pros is a renowned and reputable siding company serving the city of Springfield, VA for almost 20 years. We pride ourselves for being the go-to brand of most Springfield residents when it comes to all types of siding repair and installation.

Our siding specialists and contractors are highly trained and are knowledgeable to all things sidings – from assessing the damage to replacing your pre-existing siding with a new one. We’re here to assist you through the process from start to finish. We work hard in providing comprehensive siding services at the best price possible.

Ensuring safety and quality, Springfield Siding Pros only work with top caliber siding materials. We make sure that all materials being used are durable and can withstand the test of time.

For all your siding needs, we’re the company to call.



Home maintenance can be quite costly. And the more you delay fixing minor problems, the bigger the repair and cost of repair loom ahead. Unfortunately, not all of us are born handymen. Some of us are just really good at admiring beautiful things and living in comfortable houses. When your homes start to show signs of wear and tear, we can only watch with dismay. But this is something we can’t spare ourselves from. This is why Springfield Siding Pros have dedicated years of hard work to their customers, we understand only too well that some of us needs the help of pros.

Common Causes of House Damage

According to research by the Travelers National Homeowner’s Insurance, the 5 most common causes of home damage are the following; wind, non-weather related water damages, hail, weather-related water damages, and theft. And in all circumstances, your home will not be spared. It is likely to get some blow and you will have to do some damage control.

Non-weather related and weather-related water damage

Water can be disastrous because it will pass through anything and you won’t be able to control it. So, early on you need to be mindful of small cracks and leaks. The minor issues you can easily fix must be fixed right away. It is such a headache if you have to worry about leaks and seepage under a raging storm. Don’t wait for a calamity to happen before you deal with the problem.


And when disaster strikes your home can only take too much beating. The wind, which can strip your homes of your precious roof is a force to reckon with. And you can only wait for it to pass, hoping you still have a roof over your head and your families and pets are safe. Sometimes when strong winds blow other factors can damage your homes like uprooted trees and fallen light posts. It is really a tricky thing and you can’t be too careful nor prepare for such incidents.

Hail storm

Hail can also be very destructive, not to mention dangerous. It can damage sidings, roofs and break windows. And even damage not just homes but anything under its path. In such situations too, you can only hope for it to pass soon. Although most hail storms don’t last for more than 5 to 10 minutes, the fact remains that it can cause serious damage to your property.


This is not the most common but it took up 6% of the common causes of home damage base on insurance claims. And while the damage to property; mainly broken doors and windows, may be small, once again even these can lead to bigger problems in the future. Plus you won’t rest easy knowing your windows and doors are broken.

Your Roof and Siding

Two of the most exposed part of our homes are the roof and the sidings. They are the ones most prone to wear and tear, not to mention the first likely to get damaged in times of calamities and natural disasters. And since they are front-liners, we need to take extra care of them. It is not enough that you chose the best materials for your homes, it is imperative that you make sure it stays as good as when you first had it. We will help you keep your homes in prime condition.