James Hardie Siding

James Hardie reinvented cement board siding and made it as popular as it is today. Though cement board has been around for ages, James Hardie designed modern cement board for home siding to make it look attractive while still being durable. This type of siding is typically low-maintenance and the long-lasting. This is why a lot of people still choose James Hardie siding. What makes it popular as well is that it is built to withstand the elements. We all know that the wrath of nature comes in full force. In situations like this, we depend on our homes to protect us and our belongings.

Pros of Hardie board sidings
This material will not fall short of benefits and advantages. Mostly preferred by homes and business establishments for the following reasons;

Best Value of Money. Though the price tag of this siding material can be pretty steep, the overall performance and quality make it the most cost effective.
Durable. James Hardie sidings are made to last the test of time. No matter where you are, what weather conditions you may face, this siding will protect you and your family for years and years to come.
Aesthetic. Hardie board siding is very popular mainly because of the beauty it adds to your homes. It comes with almost all types of finish; wood design, cedar shingles and almost anything you can think of. It also offers a wide range of colors to choose from. It even has a 15-year warranty with it.
It is fire-resistant. I think this is the biggest, most important factor why Hardie board sidings are your best option. Fire can be devastating and if you have a fire-resistant siding this can prevent the likelihood of your investment turning to ash. Hardie boards are made of 90% and which is why it is resistant to fire.
Storm resistant. We’ve all seen the wrath of typhoon Katrina, the damage brought about by hailstorms in summer and the effects of the raging winds. The Hardie boards are designed to endure the unrelenting forces of nature that keep coming back to bring more damage and devastation.

Cons of James Hardie siding
It is costly to install. The Hardie sidings are sturdier and heavier because it is made to last. Because of this, it will take more resources to install it. You’ll need more materials to put it up and a bigger workforce to get the job done. In the end, it will cost more on labor and materials.

It is high maintenance. Unlike vinyl and other materials, Hardie siding needs to be re-painted every now and then. Although it comes with a warranty, not all paint works or damage is covered by it.

James Hardie siding is a sound choice for all homeowners or those planning to have it installed in their homes but there are local considerations as well. You may want a certain design or color but the experts can help you decide. They will lay the pros and cons and give you an honest opinion of what is best for your homes. Whatever you choose, we will make it work for you and provide nothing but the best of materials and services.